Preparing your collection for donation

Thank you for considering a donation to Jones Memorial Library.

We have a small staff and with your help we can share materials with researchers more quickly. We are happy to discuss the process with you and answer any questions (email or call us at 434-846-0501).

Steps in the Process

1. Contact the library to tell us of your intentions and have a preliminary conversation about the materials you want to donate.

2. Verify with other interested parties (family members, organizational leaders, former employers) that you have the right to donate the items you intend to give and that there are no competing interests to be resolved.

3. Create a basic inventory that lists the items and types of materials you are donating.

4. Fill out a Deed of Gift form and bring it with the materials at drop off. We will countersign and give you a copy – save the copy in case you want to declare your gift for tax purposes (please note that donors are responsible for assigning the value to donated items).

5. Organizations or businesses which do not wish to make an outright donation of materials should consult with the library’s director to request a deposit agreement. Please consult this sample agreement.

6. Bring your inventory, deed of gift form, and materials to the library!

Recommended Links

The links below provide tips on how to prepare your collection for donation, whether you have a personal collection or an organizational one.

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