Local Researchers

These researchers are experienced and available for a modest fee. You may contact the person of your choice.
Email can be sent by clicking the names below:

W. Scott Smith
Architectural/Lynchburg History/Revolutionary War
P. O. Box 75
Lynchburg, VA 24505

William B. Inge
Architectural and building history for entire state with emphasis on Lynchburg and Norfolk. Available for on-site historic property evaluations. Local and state business history and Lynchburg history. More than 28 years experience and has researched more than 10,000 properties.
P. O. Box 87
Norfolk, VA 23501
1500 Somerset Drive
Lynchburg, VA 25503
Telephone: (434) 941-4640

Charles R. Patrick
Military/Civil War Research
175 N Main Street
Amherst, VA 24521